Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pin-up Pix of Teen Heart-throb Dave

By popular demand, here are some more scans (of just me) from the legendary Church Police photo session from spring 1982, on my dad's copy machine. Other band member shots may be posted here... eventually.

MRR #300

Issue #300 of Maximum RockNRoll Magazine recently hit the newsstands... some newstands anyway. I haven't seen it at my local Barnes & Noble but the publishers were kind enough to send me a complementary issue, since Tim (the CP singer) and I were interviewed for this edition. The Church Police were also featured in Issue #1. My unedited interview transcript is already posted further down on the blog. I will post the edited text (with Tim's comments included) later on, after the next issue comes out. If you want to read the article now - go buy your own copy!