Sunday, March 9, 2008

Band photos (ultra rare)

This collage was made from scans of pictures we took of ourselves on a photocopy machine in 1982. Clockwise from top left, Tim: vocals, Dave: guitar, Bruce: bass, Eric: drums.


julieunplugged said...

OMG! I decided to check out this blog since we talked so much about your band. I had just been wondering to myself: I wonder what Dave looked like back in the day. LOL! This is awesome vintage stuff.

All of you look so young!

Dave said...

I was 20 years old in that picture. Tim (upper left) might have been 21. Eric was still a teenager, 18 or 19 and I think Bruce was 20.

I'm going to post more from that session. We took them on my dad's warehouse office photo-copier in early 1982 after our band re-united, following the trip to Mexico that Tim and I took.